Clara Reger


Excerpted from the Radio Association of Western New York newsletter, QSO, of December 2002:
". . . Clara Reger, W2RUF's, work was astonishing. She started a code  class for amateurs in the 1970's, and was the traffic net control in  New York State. She could copy in excess of 50 wpm. She received the  Eddison Award for teaching a 14 year old boy to send Morse code with his feet. He did not have arms. Clara Reger managed disaster  communications after WWII, and was the outstanding amateur of New York  State in 1961. W2RUF originated "33" for the YLs. She was the official  Red Cross Emergency Station of Buffalo, New York, and the route manager of NTS, and net manager of New York State CW net, slow speed net, and  Morse code training net . . ."
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