About the  TASYLs

It was November  11, 1965 when a group of Michigan YLs met on the air to discuss  formation of a state-wide YL club. They formed a committee, and on  December 7, 1965 the committee met, wrote a constitution and elected  the first slate of officers.
December 12, 1965 a mailing to over 400 Michigan YLs announced the formation of  the club. The first "eyeball" meeting was held at the ARRL Convention  in Saginaw, Michigan on March 19, 1966. Thirty-nine YLs registered for  this meeting.
Thus was  born the TASYLs (The Auto State Young Ladies). This Webpage is a  dedicated as a tribute to the vision of our founders.
Today, the TASYLs are led by our officers:
Mary, N8EZL, President
Linda, W1LMN, Vice President
Sylvia, K8SYL, Secretary/Treasurer
Membership in the club is open to any YL, with or without a ham license. The  purpose of the TASYLs group is to promote fellowship among YLs, who  share a common bond of Amateur Radio. Hope to hear from you soon.
 33, Sylvia, K8SYL, Secretary