As amended November 2002


    Sec. 1 The name of this organization shall be "The Auto State Young Ladies" (TASYLs)

    Sec. 2 To handle emergency and/or priority traffic only.

    Sec. 3 To further the  fellowship and activities of women sharing the common bond of Amateur  Radio throughout Michigan and the rest of the Amateur world.


    Sec. 1 Voting  membership: All licensed women Amateur Radio Operators residing within  the state of Michigan at the time of application shall be eligible for  voting membership. Such membership will continue in existence as long as said member remains current after she moves out of state.

    Sec. 2 Associate membership available to: 1) Non-licensed women, 2) Out of state Amateurs, 3) Male Amateur radio operators.

    Sec. 3 Membership to be granted upon submission of written application to Treasurer and willingness to abide by the By-Laws.


    Sec. 1 Any Michigan  Licensed YL Amateur Radio Operator who has been a member at least one  (1) year shall be eligible to hold an office.

    Sec. 2 Elected Officers of the club shall be: President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

    Sec. 3 Other offices shall be filled by appointment of the President with the approval of the other elected officers.

    Sec. 4 The elected officers and the immediate Past President shall serve as a five member Executive Board.

    Sec. 5 Newly elected  officers shall assume duties at the Annual Meeting, with the Fiscal Year starting April 1. The term of office being one (1) year.


    Sec. 1 Nominations shall be received ninety (90) days prior to the end of the Fiscal Year.

    Sec. 2 All votes shall  be received by the teller forty-five (45) days prior to the end of the  Fiscal Year. Teller cannot be a candidate for office.

    Sec. 3 Officers shall be nominated and elected by mail. Ballots to be opened and counted at the annual meeting.

    Sec. 4 Election shall be by simple majority.


    Sec. 1 President: Shall preside at all official meetings and/or functions of the club and shall act as Chairperson. She shall appoint all committee chairpersons and  have the right to attend said committee meeting and shall make all  appointments whenever a vacancy occurs in an office, until the next  regular election.

    Sec. 2 Vice President:  Shall assume all duties of the President in her absence or disability.  She shall inform the Executive members of meetings at the direction of  the President.

    Sec. 3 Secretary-  Treasurer: Shall record minutes of all Executive meetings and/or general meetings, and shall perform such other duties as may be required of her by the Executive Board. She shall receive and deposit in a checking  account in the name of the club all club monies. She shall disperse  monies for the club expenses. An audit is to be done prior to the annual meeting.


    Sec. 1 The executive Board shall meet at the direction of the President.

    Sec. 2 The Annual Meeting to be held at a location determined by the Executive Board. Notification to be published in The TATTLER and announced on the nets.

    Sec. 3 The time and  place of interim membership meetings shall be determined by the  Executive Board and the membership notified via The TATTLER.

    Sec. 4 Meetings shall be conducted using general Parliamentary Procedures. (Currently Roberts Rules of Order.)


    Sec. 1 The Fiscal Year shall run from April1 through March 31.

    Sec. 2 All members  shall be assessed dues at the rate of five (5) dollars per year,  beginning with 1995. Dues shall be paid at the beginning of each Fiscal  Year and considered delinquent after ninety (90) days.

    Sec. 3 Capital  expenditures greater than twenty-five (25) dollars shall be approved by a majority vote of the membership. Operating expenses shall not exceed  fifty (50) dollars per item.

    Sec. 4 On the death of a member the Executive Board shall determine the amount of a donation to  be sent to the YLRL Scholarship Fund in her memory.


    Sec. 1 Majority vote  cast shall govern in all matters, except Amendments to the By-Laws,  which shall require a two-thirds vote of the votes cast.

    Sec. 2 On questions  involving the entire membership, the Secretary shall provide each voting member with a ballot and information concerning the question or  candidates to be voted upon. This may be done through The TATTLER. A closing date for voting shall be stated in the notice and shall not be less than four (4) weeks from the date of publication.

    Sec. 3 Voting on the issues shall be by written ballot.


    Sec. 1 Amendments or  changes to these By-Laws must be proposed by petition in writing to the  Executive Board and signed by not less than five (5) paid up members.

    Sec. 2 Proposals received must be voted upon by a simple majority of the membership and requires a two-thirds vote to pass.