A Message to YLs

Hello Friend,
In this exciting age of computer living, many of us have set our amateur  radios aside to travel the speed of the Internet. However, there is  much to be gained by keeping Amateur Radio alive and active.
Amateur Radio, as a hobby, can do so much to spread goodwill between people  from different age groups, different states of the Union, countries,  and cultures. Often, ham radio operators have aided communication in  emergency situations, as well as helping with the flow of every day  messages.
Many of us  have enjoyed the fellowship that radio clubs can offer through  get-togethers and weekly nets. We also keep closely in touch through  our quarterly newsletter, The Tattler.
So, if you are a licensed YL, please consider becoming a member of the  friendly TASYL club. If you are working on a license, or if you are  interested in getting started on a radio license, consider becoming an  associate member.
By  working together, we can keep Amateur Radio alive and vibrant. National  organizations such as ARRL (The National Association for Amateur Radio) and YLRL (Young Ladies' Radio League) are there to help us in our  development.
33, Grace, N8NJT
Past President